With its modular, integrated and easy-to-use structure, Ultia helps you manage all your processes from one place quickly, easily and efficiently without the need for extra applications and platforms.

Ready Made Solutions

Choose from ultia’s wide variety of ready-made modules and easily adapt it to your own business processes with personalization and integration options.

Help Desk Module

With the Help Desk Module, you can record all complaints and requests, follow up the process from end to end, and make root cause analysis and reporting.

Expense Module

With the Expense Module, your employees can easily convert their expenses into form, and you can quickly approve the expenses of their affiliates. Thanks to the end-to-end process, you can easily follow your company's expense management.

Leave Module

With the Leave Module, you can control and manage all the leave flows of your team from a single place, and you can design your company's leave management policy yourself thanks to its configurative infrastructure.

Human Resources – Recruitment Module

With the Human Resources - Recruitment Module, you can create a job candidate request that meets the criteria you set, and manage your candidate search, evaluation, interview, proposal and contract processes in detail.

Travel Module

With the Travel Module, you can easily and quickly request travel, and send your flight, accommodation and car rental requests on a single form.

Administrative Affairs Module

With the Administrative Affairs Module, you can record all complaints and requests, track and report the process leading to a solution from end to end.

Asset Management Module

With the Asset Management Module, you can manage your assets from a single point from entry to the inventory until retirement, follow the debit processes of your employees, and sell your assets if needed.

Task Management

Ultia Task Management solution with a Kanban/Scrum board option is a powerful tool for individuals and teams seeking a versatile, visual, and collaborative approach to task organization.