About us

ULTIA is a simple and user-friendly cloud-based process platform designed for companies of different scales to easily manage their information technologies and corporate processes from a single platform.

We help companies manage their processes via both web and mobile applications by using practical features such as SLA, survey, announcement, frequently asked questions, self-service portal and many more.

With our BPM (Business Process Management) solution, we enable companies to design their processes in minutes thanks to the low-code structure, while with our ESM (Enterprise Service Management) solution, we enable them to develop their business processes instantly by using ready-made modules. In addition to our ESM and BPM solutions, we also offer ITSM (IT Service Management) service, which we designed by adopting ITIL (IT Service Management) for the best management of IT services.

Our 20-year journey, which started with the need to design the business processes of Turkcell and Group Companies, we continue to provide the best service for process needs by expanding our customer portfolio with many companies from different sectors in a short time.