What is Ultia?

Ultia is a cloud-based platform and application designed for companies to provide efficient corporate process management. With Ultia, designed to facilitate business process management, you can manage all your business processes from a single platform. It enables companies to perform information technologies and corporate service management successfully and efficiently.

What is BPM?

BPM (Business Process Management) enables you to manage your business processes quickly and without errors in your critical processes by increasing the productivity of your company or organization. BPM allows you to automate business processes. It allows you to track many processes such as administrative affairs management, expense, invoices, leave tracking from a single platform and reduces costs. We offer BPM (Business Process Management) solutions for the best management of information technologies and business processes. You can create your own business process by using Ultia’s ready-made modules with low-code structure to manage your processes more easily.

How Does BPM (Business Process Management) Work?

Ultia BPM consists of three parts: infrastructure, process and user experience. You can choose from our ready-made  modules that best suit your company for business process management. You can easily design your business processes with our Administrative Affairs Module, Human Resources – Recruitment Module, Help Desk Module, Expense Module and many other more modules. Thanks to Ultia’s low-code structure, you can easily create your company’s business processes using the drag-and-drop method.

Our Pricing Policy

Our pricing policy varies according to the modules you choose to manage your company’s business processes quickly and easily. Thanks to our flexible pricing policy, you do not have to pay for modules or features you do not use. You only pay for the modules you choose.

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