Business Process Management

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Build your own modules using Ultia's BPM infrastructure and design your processes end-to-end by choosing the services you desire to use.



Flow Wizard

Start using all the processes you need in a single place within minutes thanks to helpful Flow Wizard.

Low Code

Design your all processes with the drag-and-drop method without the need for detailed code knowledge.

User Management

Manage your connected users and organizations without the need for a different application.

Role Structure

Design your processes safely with role-based authorizations and screens managed at role level.


Follow your work anytime, anywhere, and always stay in touch with your team with the Ultia mobile application.


Ultia’s open source PostgreSQL support along with the MSSQL database helps you not pay extra license fees for the database.


Automate and streamline planning without disrupting your existing business processes.

Batch Processing

With batch processing support, you can batch export your external records to ultia and export them in different formats.

Virtual Assistant

Find quick answers to all your questions with the support of the smart chatbot that learns and improves itself.

Artificial Intelligence

Strengthen your processes with artificial intelligence solutions such as opening registration via mail with setups such as Mail-to-Ticket, automatic categorization and associating with open registration.



With the dynamic SLA infrastructure, you can monitor your processes hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, and you can increase the visibility of your expired records thanks to colored records.


With the survey support, you can collect valuable feedback from your team, analyze the results and improve your processes.


You can announce the important developments of the company to the user groups you specify in the format you choose, within the period you prefer.


You can easily monitor your business processes by using notification tools such as SMS, MMS, E-Mail, and Push Notification.


With the shift management, you can create a new shift system for the user group you specify, edit, update and automate the existing system.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the Frequently Asked Questions feature, you can guide your team by configuring the questions your team seeks answers to.

Self Service Portal

Through the simple and easy-to-use self-service portal, you can help your team to quickly notice the tasks assigned to them and take action.

Advanced Admin Panel

You can easily manage your team's actions, authorities and roles from the advanced admin panel, without the need for different applications.

Proxy Management

With proxy management, you can avoid possible delays by transferring the responsibilities of your team members who are not available to others.

User Experience

Control Center

With the Control Center, you can view and manage all actions such as process tracking, process management, creating new records from a single screen.

Notification Settings

With the personalized settings feature, you can enable your users to customize the notifications they want to receive.


With the Favorites feature, you can quickly access the menus you visit frequently.

Detailed Search

You can query all your records in your processes with detailed search screens and save your queries for later reuse.

Filter Management

You can create dynamic filters for users, and let your users create their own filters and use them in the Control Center.


With the configurable dashboard feature, you can easily follow your processes with visual graphs and tables.


You can reward your users with badges and let your users display these awards on their profiles.

Responsive Screens

With dynamic, simple and responsive screens, you can easily monitor and manage your processes on both mobile and web.

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